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Endless Night E​.​P.

by Neil Fellowes-Geigertek

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boogiemoog It's very Marc Almond in parts... My fave track is 'The Man' very Kraftwerk' inspired. Great E.P really enjoy this. Get the bugger bought! Favorite track: How Do You Dream?.
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The Visitors 04:57
Smiling faces, new embraces He goes liquid, she replaces Crying oceans, stark emotions Ever waning, teasing notions She cries softly, he looks lonely They depart now, forget only Image fading, old and greying Memories wonder, complicating Stop using logic Don’t use logic Stop using logic Was there love there? Did they once care? Forward motion, now drifts cold air Calling places, guiding faces New horizons, they wonder how Smiling faces New Embraces He goes liquid She replaces Why use logic? Why use logic? Why?
This Man 04:36
It’s lucky for us that you’re here...... This man speaks with a million hushed lullabyes This man breathes like a sunset dawn A red-streaked sky Drifting by This man talks of TV dreams and aircrash scenes This man knows what the media lies That echo by With virtual sighs Our computer is picking up a strange signal...... This man walks in a photograph of days long gone This man looks at he world he sees No right or wrong A never-ending song This man thinks of your lovers’ past left unseen this man stops to take it all in Like an unknown sin And so it begins Again. Don‘t you think he’s a fascinating man......
Youth 03:48
There’s a new moon rising over these city lanes And the music that’s playing is taking on strange new strains There’s screaming and shouting from the stateland blocks The kids run wild, they’re the wasteland flocks Of a new generation they called the YOUTH An old man is hiding from the army of the high-rise blocks He’s praying hard and relying on those crumbling ancient locks With a fist and a jeer, they fight with fear Terror is the weapon of these hi-tech years He’s just a victim of the ones they call the YOUTH Weapon in hand and their childish pride They take to the streets to fight For their cause you prepare to die They think that it is your right Caught up in an alleyway you pray it’s a dream You can’t fight back no-one can hear you scream You’re just a victim of the ones they call the YOUTH The sun it calls on a distant line, The writings on the wall Can’t you see the signs, can’t you hear the screams You pray it’ll work out fine Terror is mounting, fear holds the key We’ve plunged oh so fast into a deep dark sea Victims of the ones they call the YOUTH
With fire in her eyes, destiny falls You know heaven lies as hell calls Dream of endless nights, your activity shines An endless stream of lights, marching neon lines As naked eyes speak of a funny tale Can you stand this heat or will you fail? This ocean’s falling fast, the dreamers realise Is it all in the past or pictured in your eyes? Feel you falling, why use logic? No more stalling, sense this magic Rhythm calling picture your eyes Gently soaring, heaven now lies Hold tighter, glow brighter Hold tighter, glow brighter At the speed of light, you’re losing control There’s no will to fight, can you reach to your soul?
Total Pain 04:22
Deep in my mind, wish I could run I turned the gate, I wish I could run Deep in my mind, why can’t I run? They chased me hard, oh why can’t I run? A telephone rings from somewhere far, mixed feelings I can’t explain I know they’ve come for me, now I know the total pain Deep in my mind, knowing there’s no floor I jump from high, I know there’s no floor Deep in my mind, it should always be I gave my all, it should always be Why do they chase me at all, those shadows deep in my mind Time must be up and all, now I know the total pain is blind Deep in my mind, they’re all over me Call them off, they’re all over me Deep in my mind, I saw them leave I surrender, then I saw them leave Was it such a secret, the total pain that troubled me so much? Is there anyone else out there, the next prisoner of total pain?
How do you dream when you look in my eyes And see all the things in the world you despise? How do you feel when I call out your name And all that you hear is your emotional pain? And what do you think as your memory cries Like some chemical queen telling alcohol lies? And what can you know when you fall in the dark As you think of me bleeding like some deviant shark? And I, I really did love you And I, I never did come through And I, could never make you see That I, was never the key for you to be free So what does it mean when you call me all night To tell me of your passion though you want me to die? Where do I go when the obssession tries To take me apart with your screams and your cries? And how can I know that what you say is the truth? Your thoughts and words distorted by the cheapest vermouth And what can I say that will make you believe That once there was love and no intent to deceive? And I, I really did love you And I, I never did come through And I, could never make you see That I, was never the key for you to be free


On the 21st August 2010, as part of an evening of live electronica/synth pop music called ARTIFICIAL 01>, U.K. electronic music artist Neil Fellowes performed a live electronica set, under the name of GEIGERTEK, at the Karma Kafe venue in his home city of Norwich,

Drawing on material written some 23 years before plus two specially-written songs (”This Man” and “How Do You Dream?”), this performance marked the first time Neil sung live vocals, as well as playing keyboards.

This 2019 re-mastered E.P., originally recorded in 2010 and released through AD Music, is the studio version of the songs that were performed that night.


released June 16, 2019

Music and lyrics: Neil Fellowes except "Total Pain" lyrics by Jim Dix

Artwork: Neil Fellowes


all rights reserved



Neil Fellowes Norwich, UK

U.K. based composer of electronic music.

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